• Desperate Architects Rome City D’arc

Desperate Architects Rome City D’arc

13 December 2013

Desperate … dreamers of a better reality
Frantic… seekers of the essence in the objects we design
Frenetic… observers of the environment, from society to the desires of a client
Feverish… assimilators of all signs in nature, art, science …present and past
Heated… supporters of the value of strong problem solving skills
Intense… translators of the process into a project
Passionate …designers of real life
We are desperate, and we are here. Always on the move, we don’t wait for the world to get better.
We try to better ourselves.
Thank you.
Rosa Topputo & Alessio Tommasetti

D’Arc. Studio – Associate Architects was founded in Rome May 2007 by Architects Rosa Topputo and Alessio Tommasetti. Since the beginning the studio has concentrated its efforts on a number of fields such as architecture, interior design and product design while opening itself up to the influences of both Art and Science, absorbing from them what can turn to be an essential piece of the project. D’Arc.Studio strives to incorporate in the process all aspects relating to sustainability: from planning, to design, to materials all the way to production.

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