• Maker Faire Rome #MFR14
  • Maker Faire Rome #MFR14
  • Maker Faire Rome #MFR14
  • Maker Faire Rome #MFR14
  • Maker Faire Rome #MFR14
  • Maker Faire Rome #MFR14
  • Maker Faire Rome #MFR14

Maker Faire Rome #MFR14

8 October 2014

The maker faire is the biggest faire concerning invention, creativity and makers.

Makers show what they are making and in this way many professionals are able to share knowhow about tecnology and craftmanship.

The european version of the faire takes place in Rome. This year, about 100 000 people went to Renzo piano’s auditorium parco della musica to see and learn more about innovative projects, 3D printers and many more… The maker faire was the closing event of innovation week, with a lot of workshops and many keynote speakers.


Something you weren’t able to miss at the maker fare, next to Cambiami off course, was the Prensilia robotic hand. The hand was chosen as the best innovation design of the last 100 years, and d’arc studio was responisble for the shell of this hand.

So with the cyberhand and the Cambiami unglasses,  D’arc Studio was represented very good and popular too!


As you know our CAMBIAMI glasses are 3D printed, so it was impossible for us not to be there! We had a little booth in the garage and between all the robots, computers and technical delights the fashionable Cambiami glasses realy stood out!

People were obviously verry extited about the faire, and even more so for Cambiami. Everyone tried on the sunglasses, hoping they could buy a pair and take them home. A lot of people even had to wait to see or try on the sunglasses, because it was so crowded!

If you visit our facebookpages Darc Studio and Cambi_Ami, you can see the pictures of the fair and the visitors/cambiami models (maybe even yourself)  wearing the sunglasses. Feel free to tag if you see a picture of yourself or someone you know!





Besides making a lot of advertisement, there were also a lot of journalist interested in Cambiami! Keep a close eye on the blogs and magazine articles about Maker faire rome, because chance are youwillbeableto spot Cambiami.

Domus also released an article about bijouts jewelery and our sunglasses, so make sure to check it out!



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