• Sustainable Design with Paperstone
  • Sustainable Design with Paperstone

Sustainable Design with Paperstone

9 December 2013


The LogicA seating by D’arc.Studio
The LogicA seating system arises from the concept of assembling two-dimensional elements for obtaining three-dimensional shapes controlled at any point: the structural elements, shaped through digital cutting, are spaced by alternating flexible and soft materials, to obtain a variable visual effect tied to the observer’s point of view.The material left-over by the main part of the chair is used to building the footrest that can be  included under the seating. The chair can be used individually or as a modular sofa, and thanks to the innovative high performance features of the materials can be placed in private or public environments, for interior but also for exteriors.The materials used for manufacturing reflect the perspective of environmental care and recycling philosophy: the rigid parts are made in Paperstone and provide strength, durability and water resistance, a material made from 100% recycled office paper, pressed and reconstructed using oils derived from cashew nut shells.The soft deformable parts are inserted for the comfort of the seat and are made of felt, one of the oldest existing fabrics which is adaptable to a wide range of uses and can be assembled with many different materials.

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