12 September 2016

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The 3D printing technology grows unrelentingly. These three brands make this technology their own trade-mark

words  Carolina Saporiti

Eyewear has been identified as the ideal product to enter the final-use consumer 3D printed products market. Since eyeglasses go on our face customization is particularly significant and this technique can significantly reduce the costs for personalized manufacturing. 3D printing cut down lead times, reduce costs, and introduce innovative materials for eyewear. 3D printing services have further simplified access to industrial grade printers for average consumers and enabled them to design custom frames for themselves. Today we choose three different brands which use 3D printing technology to make eyeglasses and sunglasses, two from German and one from Italy.

Cambiami is the new line of sunglasses, made by .bijouets with 3d printing technology. It is the result of a desire for an accessory that could be modified and customized, one capable of adapting to the daily mood of each person. Cambiami is a line of glasses with tinted lenses (Carl Zeiss), a basic frame and interchangeable accessories. This makes it possible to create your own glasses, choosing the color of the frame, the arms and the form of the embellishments. The trimmings available are inspired by Italian beauty and they can be used to personalize your sunglasses giving your creativity free rein to produce something truly unique. All accessories are inspired by specific Italian beauties. Burano, Burano II is a series of decorations inspired by the embroidery and lace homonymous Venetian island; Rosae pays tribute to the Roman spring and its explosion of colors; Ratio is born from the union of a circle and a square as a tribute to Italian rationalist architecture and Depero which is inspired by the figure of the artist and multifaceted whole Futurist movement, with new geometric shapes recalls the idea of speed, progress and innovation.

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