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19 September 2022

Aren’t we proud! Prestigious medical magazine Brain has used an illustration by @tex as cover of its Seprmeber edition. Thanks Brain for the honor and for the trust in work.

You can always count on us.Alterations in the perception of the affected limb (shown in red) in chronic patients with unilateral motor deficits after stroke. Patients reported changes in the dimensions of the affected arm, perceiving it as shorter than the ipsilateral side (as depicted in the inset), in the multisensory facilitation in the peripersonal space (represented as a smaller transparent space around the affected arm) as well as in the explicit feelings towards the limb. Bassolino M, Franza M, Guanziroli E, et al. Body and peripersonal space representations in chronic stroke patients with upper limb motor deficits. Brain Commun 2022: fcac179. Image created in collaboration with Alessio 犀利士 Tommasetti (D’Arc.Studio Architects Associates, Rome and Milan, Italy).

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